• Pedro Navarro

    Pedro Navarro

  • Brad Bison

    Brad Bison

    Ranked #3 Writer on Medium

  • novalis



  • Nikita Beloshenko

    Nikita Beloshenko

    Europe. Ukraine. Kyiv2019. Scientist.

  • Rene Muschter

    Rene Muschter

  • Jose Antonio Ribeiro Neto (Zezinho)

    Jose Antonio Ribeiro Neto (Zezinho)

    Author. Big Data Researcher. USA WebCT IT Executive. Director of Technology and Education. Portuguese Brazilian citizen. Soccer player. bit.ly/2WDtZUA

  • Shirley Ann Hendricks

    Shirley Ann Hendricks

    I recently voted for a Democrat. I am still a Christian. I love to write and read all kinds of things. I do like to cook watch cooking and interior design shows

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